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Kentucky hunters harvested 20 black bears in 2013

Kentucky hunters harvested 20 black bears in 2013
Kentucky hunters harvested 20 black bears in 2013

According to an article published by The Republic on Jan 13, Kentucky hunters claimed 20 black bears in 2013 during the newly expanded bear hunting season.

The Republic reports that hunters had claimed 20 black bears by the end of the first expanded bear hunting season. In 2013 hunters had a larger hunting zone, and there was a new archery and crossbow season added to the schedule.

Reports indicate that a total of 10 bears were harvested during the firearm season, as well as 10 bears during the archery and crossbow season. There were a total of twelve males and eight females harvested in 2013.

Bear hunting is now permitted in 16 Kentucky counties including Wayne, Laurel, Clay, Leslie, Pulaski, Perry, Knott, Floyd, Martin, Mccreary, Whitley, Knox, Bell, Harlan, Letcher, and Pike.

Kentucky bear hunters must follow a strict set of guidelines while out in the field. Hunters aren't allowed to disturb bear dens, they must also avoid harvesting female bears with cub under 75 pounds, and baiting is absolutely prohibited.

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