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Kentucky family stalked by man claiming to have killed Joyce Crider

Is the person that killed Joyce Crider the same man stalking a Kentucky family?
Is the person that killed Joyce Crider the same man stalking a Kentucky family?

A family in Floyd County, Kentucky, is frightened as they are being terrorized by a man who has sent them graphic letters, sexual pictures, and even broken into their home. As WKYT reported on Mar. 1, 2014, the man also claims to be the person that kidnapped and killed Joyce Crider, a woman who disappeared back in 2002.

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The couple, who was not identified, has two young daughters and they say they have felt trapped in their home. They've even changed their appearance in the hope that everything would stop, but it hasn't helped.

So far, the man has appeared at the home while the family has been there and shown up in their windows performing lewd acts. Another time, he entered into their home and stole some of the wife's underwear. Those underwear were later found ripped and strewn around the home.

On Christmas, the family found a red envelope taped to their kitchen window.

"The front of it was something along the lines of the shepherd watches his flock, while they sleep, and the inside was just complete filth."

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In the letter, the man claims to be the person that kidnapped and murdered Joyce Crider. She has been missing from Lexington, Kentucky, since 2002. Only her car has ever been found, but not her body. Police declared her dead in 2009.

The family went as far as to leave their own note for the man and hoped to see him or get him to stop. The Kentucky stalker never took the note, but left a lock of hair where it was sitting.

All of the harassment stopped for a few weeks after the family states they shot at the man when he got to close to their home one night. Everything seemed done until another note arrived on Valentine's Day, and it contained numerous graphic threats.

This past Friday, yet another note arrived.

What's frightening is that the family has only lived in their current home since September, and they've done a lot of things to protect themselves. They have put in surveillance cameras, changed their security system, and also put in new locks.

It's getting to the point where their dogs have even stopped barking when the stalker comes around, and the family believes he is feeding them so they will recognize him.

All they know is that he is a white man with short, dark, curly hair. He has a black mustache and stands around five-foot-eight inches tall. He is believed to be in his mid-40s and has an average build. The stalker is usually seen in camouflage clothing.

If he is ever caught, this family's suffering can come to an end. It's also possible that the mysterious disappearance of Joyce Crider could also finally be solved.

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