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Kentucky basketball coach resigns after girlfriend crushes him on Facebook

This coach resigned after his girlfriend crushed him on Facebook.
This coach resigned after his girlfriend crushed him on Facebook.

A high school basketball coach from Kentucky has resigned just two days before the district tournament because of inappropriate text messages with a student. As huge a deal as that is, it's the way his bad behavior was discovered. According to Deadspin on Feb. 26, 2014, it happened when his former girlfriend destroyed him on Facebook with one of the harshest "Dear John" letters ever.

Greenwood High School boys' basketball coach Jason Stonebraker has resigned as an investigation is ongoing into allegations of inappropriate electronic communication with an 18-year-old student at the school.

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This all came about when Stonebraker's, now former, girlfriend got on Facebook and posted a crushing "Dear John" letter for the world to see.

"I recently found out my wonderful, committed boyfriend (with whom I currently live) has been cheating on me with at least five women. They range in age and appearance and are, I'm sure, just the tip of the iceberg. I'll choose to take the high road here and not divulge their names. It all started when I stumbled upon his phone and found some very incriminating texts and pictures. For the record, I am no snooper. It's just not my style. I was only curious, just wondering what he'd been up to. I have nothing to hide and assumed he didn't either."

Oh, that is nothing. It gets much worse from there as she goes deep into the thing that Stonebraker has done to upset her. She then proceeds to rip him apart and even details how she plotted to move out, sell their home, sell his belongings, and expose him.

"You're a broke, 30 year old manwhore who lives with his parents. And it's likely you'll be without a job very soon. So lame."

Stonebraker's girlfriend went on to explain her strategy for leaving him, staying home from work, packing her belongings, and even being able to subtly let his affairs know that he had a current live-in girlfriend. Her full letter can be read here.

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The Facebook post was deleted by Stonebraker's ex-girlfriend the next day and she explained that her "Dirty Laundry" post was taken down. She explained that she didn't want him getting scorn from everyone, just her. In this day and age of the Internet though, once it is available, it is always there.

Warren County Public Schools have said their investigation has found no evidence that anything inappropriate occurred between Stonebraker and the student beyond alleged electronic communication. There is also no proof that she wasn't 18 for the duration of their communication.

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