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Kent woman has strange phobia, the fear of newspapers

Some of us have a fear of spiders, thunderstorms, the dark but one woman in Rochester, Kent according to the Metro news yesterday, has a fear of newspapers. Her phobia has a name, which is called chloephobia.

Diane Freelove has had this phobia for twenty-five years. She said that it stems from her childhood, when he mother would playfully hit her father with the newspaper. As a child, she saw this as a danger.

She suffers so badly from the condition that she can't touch newspaper without gloves, she has to look away from the TV if a newspaper is on there, and even the smell bothers her.

Chloephobia may sound weird, but there are weirder like xanthophobia, the fear of yellow, turophobia, which is the fear of cheese, and hylophobia, which is the fear of trees. So Diane Freelove is not the only one out there with a strange fear.

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