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Kent Goolsby teases listeners with new music

Kent Goolsby & the Gold Standard - Hitched
Kent Goolsby & the Gold Standard - Hitched
Kent Goolsby & the Gold Standard

Kent Goolsby & the Gold Standard - Hitched

On his first solo record – Trophies of Youth - Kent Goolsby stepped away from the rowdier sound of The Only Sons and presented a record steeped in guitar picking folk flavored songs. Loaded with brilliantly written lyrics and pleasing melodies it was 180 degrees from what listeners were used to but that didn’t matter. His musical prowess and Southern vernacular weaved tales about life paining images in listener’s heads. Mr. Goolsby is back with some new music and along with his band the Gold Standard they are dishing out more of the same.

Teasing folks with two new songs he is whetting their appetite and creating a want for more music. The foot tapping “Hitched” occupies the A-side as Goolsby croons about love and marriage. With the feel of a classic country tune picking, pedal steel, shuffling drums and well placed backing vocals set the stage for Goolsby’s lyrics. The song is a light hearted look at love, relationships and getting hitched. He perfectly captures the entire process; surprising her with the proposal, getting the fathers permission and saying ‘I do’ with simple lyrics that say a lot. The B-side is a bluesy tune about, well, B-sides. On “B-side Blues” Goolsby delivers an old blues tune and you can almost picture him on the front porch picking his guitar and lamenting about his misfortunes. The sparse track is about wrong doing from a record company, broken promises and waiting for a check; something most musicians have had to deal with.

These two tracks are almost impossible to quit listening to opening your ears up to something different with each spin. From the arrangements to the subtle lyrics to the feel of the songs Goolsby and gang have hit on what true music listeners want in their music, heart and soul. As long as there are songs like this still available to listen to, then music is going to be just fine.