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Kensington to change community character

City of San Diego (map)
City of San Diego (map)
Kensington planners chose dozens of locations for new white streetlights in Kensoington's five neighborhoods. (north is right on map).

The scenic features in Kensington are plain. Streets handicraft work have settled in on the street's friendly tailored curves, safe behind stone gateways, take going out of your way to find in San Diego.

Relaxed work putting the blocks in order for future life in the mid-city community has kept the community unique. Locals in Kensington neighborhoods will have their time, on June 24th, at 202 C Street, to offer city councilmembers an honest property owners stand on the look on the streets locals will take for their own.

Fifteen years work adding plumb additions near the property lines on the streets will soon start if the council approves a plan to form five maintenance assessment districts that will collect the money from property owners needed to fund the work. Kensington is open to a new period in making street dreams a reality. White lighting on new posts already has been chosen to set a new trend in Kensington life.

June's show of hands, or spoken expectations, can insure the change in Kensington's character takes nothing away from the heart of the community's well seen handmade places. The new lights onthe MAD work list will play two roles in keeping the neighborhoods friendly. Never let a matured aesthetic, a top comfort in the neighborhood identity, fade away. And, keep the driver's roads and the walker's sidewalks, and the old familair property frontages, well lit. Locals in the Kensington and Talmadge neighborhoods will get the sure things in the MAD funded projects plan.

DO not leave street fixing work for a rainy day. But, do not lose the old charm locals, and many San DIegans, find endearing. Choose all the neighborhood work that invests in a handmade look for the future.

A firm colorful examination on truth.

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