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Kenny Kingston says 'Goodbye Sweet Spirit' to Studio City

When Kenny Kingston met you at the front door of his Studio City, Calif. house, with his mop of white hair and his oversized tinted glasses, he would open his arms and say, "Welcome Sweet Spirit." It was his way to size you up, read your aura and get feelings for you.

Kenny Kingston, at his home in Studio City.
Kenny Kingston, at his home in Studio City.
Kenny Kingston
Kenny with another local celeb, Jo Ann Worley from "Laugh-in"
Photo by Michael Buckner/Getty Images

It's been a few weeks since Kenny's passing at his home on June 30 at the age of 87. He would facetiously say that he was the "world's most famous psychic" although he didn't like the term "psychic" and preferred "medium."

His partner of 35 years, Valerie Porter, told me she would be taking the website down where people could get help from Kenny, and messages from beyond.

Has Kenny contacted her yet?

"He's getting settled, he's at peace, he will contact when he is ready," says Valerie, who is a psychic himself.

Kenny's estate will be sold, as will his furniture and presents from stars and superstars. He owns some table and chairs from Marilyn Monroe, and because he is the renown "psychic to the stars" he has always received gifts.

There’s a jeweled throne from film star Clifton Webb, a silver candleholder from Tallulah Bankhead, home-made pottery from Noel Coward, a picture frame from the Duchess of Windsor, an art piece from Greta Garbo, and of course, his crystal candelabra and table and chairs from Marilyn Monroe.

“Marilyn likes what I’m doing with her table and chairs,” Kenny once told me. “I’m having them painted red, and she likes it.”

Monroe is one of the many stars who consulted with him in life that also still checks in on him after they have long passed.

“And Marilyn gives her approval to the [Harvey] Weinstein project that they’re shooting now in London about her life,” Kingston said rather definitively. “She approves of the actress (Michelle Williams) playing her, and is happy about it.”

Kingston saw a screening of the Clint Eastwood-directed film Hereafter, about three people and how death affects their lives.

“It is a brilliant film, and I think everyone should see it, but there is a drastic mistake in it,” Kingston said. “They show fake fortune tellers in it, and I believe that is disturbing to the audience, and it would be a more successful movie if that was taken out.”

But, he loves Matt Damon’s portrayal in the film.

Kenny was a frequent guest on the Merv Griffin show and I remember him predicting the Oscar winners and presidential elections. He offered messages from Marilyn Monroe, Greta Garbo, Gloria Swanson, James Dean and other famous names from the great beyond.

Kenny was born Feb. 15, 1927, in Buffalo, N.T. where his grandmother recognized his gift and taught him how to read tea leaves. He got his start in fortunetelling as a child when his grandmother taught him how to read tea leaves.

"What I hope people remember about Kenny is that he was really the forerunner to the whole psychic/spiritual world, long before the current people who are in the field," Valerie tells me. "He was born psychic, and entered the field when it was not popular and when he needed to be brave to get his messages across. He appeared on radio and television when there were not other psychic/mediums doing this. I feel that it is easier for people today because of Kenny."

Valerie added, "He was always very supportive of a Catholic charity in Lackawanna, NY - Our Lady of Victory Homes of Charity. They began as a small church and a priest named Father Nelson Baker (who is on the track for sainthood now) was a friend to Kenny's mom and later to Kenny. It is now a huge basilica and they have a home for unwed mothers, a hospital for the disabled and many more charitable ventures. Kenny has donated heavily to them over the years and I believe his legacy will carry on there as well."

She encourages people to read his past readings and writing, but she says she will soon shut them down.

See more about the famed psychic at:

and on his Facebook page

Kenny began having declining health in 2012 and died of a variety of health complications, and finally cardiovascular disease took him. Valerie plans to continue writing and editing for herself and others.

She says, "Though the love of my life and my soul mate has left me, I firmly believe that he will visit and guide me when his soul has adjusted on the other side."

Valerie is comforted by saying, "I know that he is with his beloved mother Kaye now, and our little doggies. Now he has officially joined the world of the 'Sweet Spirits' Please keep him in your prayers."

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