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Kenny Combs is 3-event champion as action ends in SMCBA Open tourney

Final, unofficial standings have been posted for the SMCBA Open tournament at AMF Venice Lanes.
Final, unofficial standings have been posted for the SMCBA Open tournament at AMF Venice Lanes.

Kenny Combs was a three-event winner in the annual championship tournament of the Sarasota-Manatee County USBC Bowling Association, according to final, unofficial standings released Sunday (March 2).

In the two-weekend competition, contested at AMF Venice Lanes, Combs won handicap all-events with a nine-game pinfall of 2,252, and he topped the leaderboard in Division B singles with 817. In addition, he was a member of the winning Division A team, Last Minute, which also included Larry Butler, Sandy Combs, Bruce Combs and Richard McLaughlin.

Ashley Christensen and Paula Wenzel were two-time champions, teaming to win Division B doubles with a score of 1,400, in addition to being a part of a team called Thrown Together -- also consisting of Barb Ripley, Richard Wright and Gina Quiroz -- which won the Division B five-player event with 3,472.

Donny Bartlett captured the scratch all-events title with a score of 2,246 (a 249.5 average), and he was runner-up in two categories. He teamed with Cody Esbrandt for second place in Division A doubles (1,482), and he was No. 2 in handicap all-events (2,246).

With the help of a tournament-high 805 scratch series, Jerry Tucciarone Jr. prevailed in Division A singles with a handicap total of 829, and Cliff Martin and Jim Ord won Division A doubles with 1,505.

Two tournament participants posted 11-in-a-row performances: Saul Insignares, with a 299 game, and Ed Slusser, who rolled a 290.

The top three finishers in the final, unofficial standings, plus the tentative low-to-cash figures:

  • DIVISION A TEAM: 1, Last Minute (Larry Butler, Sandy Combs, Kenny Combs, Bruce Combs, Richard McLaughlin) 3,561; 2, Mark's Lawn Service (Ed Slusser, Ed Bancs, Bill Farmer, Ed Swietek, Mark Donushi) 3,513; 3, Simi-Pro (Carl Sawyer III, Steven Baran, Saul Insignares, Jesse Hawver, Mike Thompson) 3,464. Low cash: 3,348.
  • DIVISION B TEAM: 1, Thrown Together (Barb Ripley, Ashley Christensen, Richard Wright, Gina Quiroz, Paula Wenzel) 3,472; 2, Team Gulf Gate (Dale Harshbarger, Cathy Harshbarger, Donita Stitt, Damaso Larrondo, Matthew Clark) 3,356; 3, Misfits (Pete Rifner, Pete Rifner Jr., Anne-Marie Olin, Jane Olin, Chris Olin) 3,295. Low cash: 3,295.
  • DIVISION A DOUBLES: 1, Cliff Martin and Jim Ord 1,505; 2, Donald Bartlett and Cody Esbrandt 1,482; 3, Mike Gronow and Dick Hubbard Jr. 1,473. Low cash: 1,385.
  • DIVISION B DOUBLES: 1, Ashley Christensen and Paula Wenzel 1,400; 2, Travis Cook and Glenn Reed 1,382; 3, Donna Stitt and Matthew Clark 1,374. Low cash: 1,318.
  • DIVISION A SINGLES: 1, Jerry Tucciarone Jr. 829; 2, Jimmy Bruns 799; 3, Kevin Logan 789. Low cash: 703.
  • DIVISION B SINGLES: 1, Kenneth Combs 817; 2, Richard Wright 775; 3, Ed Bancs 772. Low cash: 696.
  • HANDICAP ALL-EVENTS: 1, Kenneth Combs 2,252; 2, Donald Bartlett 2,246; 3, Jerry Tucciarone Jr. 2,233. Low cash: 2,062.
  • SCRATCH ALL-EVENTS: 1, Donald Bartlett 2,246; 2, Jeff Stapleton 2,176; 3, Jerry Tucciarone Jr. 2,161. Low cash: 1,933.

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