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Kenny Chesney shows ‘more to country than trucks’ on new album

Kenny Chesney's new album promises aggressive rock as well as ballads showcasing country living
Photo by Rick Diamond

Kenny Chesney has been hard at work on a new album that is set to release this fall. “The Big Revival” will be Kenny Chesney’s 15th studio album and one that he believes will really get fans pumped up.

According to MusicRow, Kenny Chesney says he took time away from touring so he could concentrate on putting together something that will inspire fans and get them excited about the music. He promises that this album will show another side to country, more than just trucks, creek beds and cut-offs. Chesney knows there is more to people than the well-known “symbols” of country and wants to show the true grit that people have when facing their everyday challenges.

“The Big Revival’s” lead single, “American Kids” is a fast-paced, lyrical tongue twister but its message is simple. It’s a look back at normal teen life in America a decade or so ago–watching videos on MTV, giving a girl your jacket, and trying not to get caught misbehaving. The video for "American Kids" released on June 30 and is an equally colorful representation of kids having fun.

It’s interesting that an album professing to show the grit of country living has thrown out a song about teens being, well, teens as its first showcase, but true Kenny Chesney fans will stick with him and see what the album’s message, as a whole, is all about.

While Kenny Chesney’s last two albums have not sold as well as the many he had during the years he was repeatedly named Entertainer of the Year by the CMA and ACMs, he has never lost his loyal fan following. If this album truly has a broader message than Chesney’s former island-life type hits, he may even win over some new fans.

With “The Big Revival” Kenny Chesney promises a different sound. He has used more acoustic instruments and has worked with new mixers to bring in a fresh perspective. Fans who loved the duet “You and Tequila” will be happy to know that Grace Potter will be returning to back Kenny Chesney vocally. The legendary Alison Krauss, as well as her band member Dan Tyminksi will also join Kenny Chesney on “The Big Revival”.

There is no track listing available yet, but the album is said to be a healthy mix of sweet ballads and aggressive rock. If there’s one thing country folks love it’s hearing songs they can relate to. If Kenny Chesney’s new album addresses the everyday struggles and hard work of the country crowd, and it touches people the way Kenny Chesney hopes, “The Big Revival” just might be his own personal revival as well.

“The Big Revival” is scheduled to hit stores September 23.

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