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Kenny Chesney releases new single ‘American Kids’

Kenny Chesney releases his debut single, "American Kids," from his upcoming fall release.
Kenny Chesney releases his debut single, "American Kids," from his upcoming fall release.
Allison Ann

Country superstar Kenny Chesney has just released the debut single, “American Kids,” from his upcoming fall project. The single is the first released on iTunes in nearly four years. The upbeat track, which features hand claps, celebrates the realities of being wildly alive in America today, “growing up in little pink houses, making out on living room couches.”

Chesney talked about the upcoming album, saying,

“When I took a year off to make this next record, I knew there was something special out there, but it was going to take time to find it, to write it, to bring it to life in the recording studio.

When talking about the single, specifically, Chesney added,

“With two hooks, three rhythm scans and some of the most ingenious wordplay I’ve ever heard. This song’s unlike anything I’ve ever heard. The second Shane McAnally played ‘American Kids’ for me, I knew I was going to cut it. In fact, I kinda wondered why he hadn’t played it for me sooner.”

Chesney has released a video teaser which features a psychedelic bus, filled with young people dancing. Pushing the boundaries of what country music can be, Chesney takes his music to a new place, where the living is awesome.

“Just because it makes you smile,” Chesney says, “that doesn’t mean a song can’t say something! To me, it’s the songs that feel so good that really bring home a message. After all this time, I can’t wait to see what everybody thinks...”

Chesney co-produced the album, his 14th studio release with longtime collaborator Buddy Cannon. Kenny puts the emphasis on great songs, pushing the boundaries without betraying who he is.

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