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Kennesaw gets Shwood

Brian Brushwood 
The fusion of magic, comedy, nerd and cool...

Brian Brushwood is coming to Kennesaw State University on Wednesday.  If that doesn't grab your attention it probably means you are ignorant of the greatness that the Internet knows as The Shwood. He'll be performing his mixture of magic, geek and comedy at the Kennesaw State College Social Sciences Building in room 1021 at 7:00 pm on October 28, 2009.  The show is open to the public.  But who is The Shwood?

He is the mind behind "internet television" station Revision3's show "Scam School."  On that show Brian presents fun tricks that people can use to get free drinks.  Of course the tricks are explained on the Internet so if you're the kind of person who takes bar-bets it is in your best interest to watch his show and be armed with the secret behind each one.  
Brian has also been a guest and guest host on's "This Week in Tech" show.  This is the weekly podcast from radio and television journalist Leo Laporte (currently of The Tech Guy, formerly of The Screen Savers).  Mr. Brushwood is a remarkably tech savvy performer and is well in touch with tech trends.  He's funny, he's skilled, he does bizarre tricks and he has very odd hair.  Take a look at his demo reel. 
 So you might be wondering why a skeptic like myself would have any interest in someone who tricks people for a living.  It turns out that many people in the world of magic are also very concerned with demystifying the real world.  Houdini, James Randi and Penn & Teller all spent (or still spend) a lot of their non-performance time explaining how miraculous and paranormal claims are in fact just tricks or misperceptions of the human mind.  Brian Brushwood is of the same mind on this.  He has a special lecture series where he explains how to avoid being tricked.  Here's a promo clip from that lecture. 
I expect Brian will be performing his Bizarre Magic routine on Wednesday, but I also expect that those who attend will learn a little something about how not to be tricked.  And if that means watching the man pierce his eye, break a block over his head and turn his body into a giant crazy-straw - well, knowledge always has a price, even if the show is free.