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Kennel worker arrested for allegedly beating young dog

Michael Edison
Booking photo

According to Tuesday's WCBV News, a kennel worker in Ashland, Mass., was arrested for beating a young Labrador retriever at Camp Canine.

Webcams set up at the kennel captured 23-year-old Michael Edison's violent attack on the one-year-old dog, named "Dexter." Last Thursday, Edison apparently become angry that the playful, young dog did not want to come in from the rain.

In the video, the kennel attendant can be seen chasing the dog with a rake, trying to hit him with the rake and then kicking him several times - finally, he is observed repeatedly slamming Dexter's head to the floor.

The owners of the business, Kimberly Cardiff and William Craig, were horrified by what they observed on the video. They told the Metro Daily News:

What we saw was horrific,"

"This, this was brutal,"

"We were in absolute shock."

As soon as the couple realized what had taken place, they contacted Dexter's guardians and reached out to the local authorities. One day later, Edison was arrested for animal cruelty.

Edison has worked at the facility for over two years - the owners of Camp Canine, who just bought the business last month, are now sifting through hours of video to see if there were prior instances of abuse.

Edison has already been released from jail after posting bail, and there is no word on the current condition of the pup who was abused.

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