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Kennedy clan endorsement could propel Elilzabeth Warren over Hillary Clinton

2016's version of 1972's George McGovern?
Photo by Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images

It is no secret among Democrats that Hillary Rodham Clinton has the war chest to fund a protracted presidential campaign in 2016. After all, Ms. Clinton has actually had her eye on the White House since the last two years of her husband’s second term.

But that monetary security blanket is now threatened by none other than the Kennedy clan from Massachusetts. Key members of the Kennedy's are pushing Massachusetts Sen. Elizabeth Warren to challenge Hillary Clinton for the Democratic presidential nomination in 2016, according to The New York Times on Monday.

The primary source of the information is writer Edward Klein who wrote the national bestseller, “Blood Feud” about the political rivalry between the Clinton's and Obama's. Klein writes that there is an apparent split among the Kennedy elders over whom to support for the Democratic presidential nominee.

Robert Kennedy’s widow, Ethel, and son, former Rep. Joe Kennedy II, prefer Sen. Warren, while Bobby Jr. and Max Kennedy are leaning toward Hillary Clinton. Whoever wins the Kennedy popularity contest will bring mega campaign dollars to their anticipated candidacies.

The Kennedy family still feels their political power is such that they can anoint presidential nominees. The late Sen. Ted Kennedy and his niece Caroline Kennedy backed Barack Obama over Hillary in 2008. This time around, the final choice may be more emotional than pragmatic. Elizabeth Warren now holds the seat long occupied by Ted Kennedy, who died in 2009.

That may be more important than it appears on the surface.

Klein commented, "It's not just the aura of being compared to JFK, Bobby and Ted. But it's also the use of the Hyannis Port compound and the JFK Library, which are magnets for fund-raisers." When it is put that way, who better than the junior senator from Massachusetts, Sen. Warren? That was John F. Kennedy's title when he ran successfully for president in 1960.

With that image in mind, both Warren and Clinton have met with Kennedy family members in Hyannis Port. Clinton, the former New York senator and secretary of state under Obama, came with her husband, former President Bill Clinton, a week before Warren.

The Clinton's got a bit more than a lavish dinner. They were taken aboard the Kennedy schooner, the Maya. Warren settled for just the dinner.

Sen. Warren has repeatedly said she is not running since she openly endorsed Hillary, but Bill Clinton's own polling shows Warren gaining on Hillary Clinton. That would be enough to forget any endorsement made in the political world of presidential candidates.

Warren, like Sen. George McGovern in 1972, has the support from the far left wing of the party. Hillary Clinton is locked in to the left’s mortal enemies, corporate America. The Kennedys have always attempted to portray themselves as the champions of the little people.

That boast can work only through an endorsement of Elizabeth Warren. Hillary Clinton should be very concerned about the final verdict within the Kennedy elite. If the legacy of the assassinated JFK means anything, Sen. Warren is their "new frontier" in 2016.

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