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Kenn's Tip: How to make room on your Bookmarks Toolbar

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Google Chrome and Firefox users, do you have multitudes of bookmarks folders on your Bookmarks Toolbar? Would you like to make some room for a few more to fit, so you don't have to go to the right edge and scroll so much? Well, I've got a tip for you--try shortening their names.

By either reducing their names down to two or three letters, or doing something really radical by dropping all the vowels in their titles, you can free up some space and display several more folders on the toolbar. For example, on my toolbar I have a folder dedicated to all the shopping sites I like. So instead of naming it "Shopping," or even "Shop," I named it "Shp." My search engine folder I named "Src." My mail folder I simply named "Ml." See how it works?

By shortening the folder names, you can free up some room and maybe not have to head to the right edge so much. Depending on how yor naming scheme works, you might be able to see two, three, or more folders on your toolbar.