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KENN releases new music video for single "Still Pretty"

KENN released his EP We Killed KENN late last year. He worked with Michigan-based producer Stephen Judd DiBerardo and created some great tracks, including "Still Pretty". The music video was uploaded this week and features KENN in his element, directed by Nick Holland.

Andi Hedrick
(KennJams/Andi Hedrick

'I met Nick through my buddy Ian Haas, the bassist of the local thrash punk band Dick Hickey. Ian told me I needed to work with his friend who was a local Detroit horror film director and Producer. I met up with Nick and we immediately had a melding of the minds over our joint appreciation on indie horror and the lo-fi snuff-film aesthetic I was looking for in regards to this particular video. I'm very proud of the humorous approach we took to fetish culture and excited for everyone to see it!'

Holland says of working with KENN 'When [we] began getting ideas together for "Pretty", most of the imagery itself was his idea. The actual tone though and the way it was edited and pieced together is the result of my own influences'.

Nick says of the creative process 'I wanted to experiment with a very gritty and dark feel to create an interesting duality with the catchy and poppy nature of the music. The song itself is very sexual/sexually suggestive, so I wanted to create this dirty feeling to match the dirtiness that is often associated with sex. A lot of influence was taken from videos shot in the late nineties for artists like Prodigy and Nine Inch Nails and combining that with the raw feel of a snuff film'.

What is next for KENN and Nick?

'KENN has brought me on to direct several more videos for him, so it's definitely going to be interesting to see what we come up with together on the next one.'

'This is the first of three' says KENN. 'The second one is in process!'

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