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Kendrick Johnson’s death

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Imagine sending your 17-year-old to school and discovered hours later that he was found dead in a wrestling mat. This is what happened to Kendrick Johnson on Jan. 11.

Almost 10 months ago, this teenage arrived at Valdosta High School in Georgia and ended up dead.

The parents of Kendrick Johnson pleaded with authorities, explaining that their son had to have been murdered. They also believed someone was attempting to cover up the crime.

Recently, Michael Moore, the U.S. Attorney for the Middle District of Georgia, stated that federal authorities will explore the events behind the death of Johnson, according to CNN.

Although the state and Lowndes County investigators ruled Johnson’s death as an accident, the teen’s parents have disagreed from the beginning.

Authorities explained that a four –month investigation proved Johnson was asphyxiated. Their explanation was that Johnson suffocated as he tried to get his shoe from the center of the mat.

Based on that account, the teen’s parents requested for the case to be reinvestigated.

“At the very least, death scene photos broadcast on CNN appeared to point to shoddy police work at the death scene, a former FBI agent said,” according to Daily News.

CNN also reviewed photos that showed Johnson’s bloody sneaker and sweatshirt several yards from the boy’s body, away from the mat.

“Investigators said the red substances were not blood, so neither was collected as evidence.”

Johnson’s parents told a CNN reporter that when investigators went back to conduct a second autopsy on their son’s body, his organs were missing.

What really happened to Kendrick Johnson?