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Kendra Wilkinson gives birth to baby girl: Papa Hank counts fingers and toes

Kendra Wilkinson gave birth to a baby girl today, and she and the baby are just fine. Her husband Hank Baskett is a daddy for the second time couldn’t be happier, reports Yahoo News on May 16.

Kendra Wilkinson gives birth to a baby girl, now she and Hank are a family of four!
Photo by Jason Merritt/Getty Images

Kendra’s bundle of joy came via C-section at L.A.’s Cedars-Sinai Hospital on Friday, May 16. Hank tells the media “I feel great and I am so happy,” he also added that he counted all the toes and fingers on his new little girl and yes the baby has 10 digits on both hands and feet!

The new dad boasts how well Kendra did, saying she did an “amazing job.” It seemed like yesterday when Kendra broke the news of her second baby on the way, she tweeted on Halloween, “Round Two. Here we go!”

She went the full gambit holding up her pregnancy test that said “pregnant” in a selfie that she posted revealing the news. Around Christmas Kendra revealed she was expecting a girl!

Kendra continued with keeping her fans informed. According to the New York Daily News she tweeted “This is it guys. It’s time” on her way out the door to the hospital on Friday. This girl doesn’t miss a beat and that’s why her fans love her!

Check out the video above and you will see why Kendra is so popular, she's down to earth and doesn't care who likes her in a bikini or not in this recent clip. Yes, that's Kendra with a bulging baby bump waiting for the day the baby comes, which is finally here!

This star of her own reality show, “Kendra on the Top,” has led a charmed life, although some might say she’s had some wild times thrown in there. She started off on the show with Hugh Hefner in “The Girl’s Next Door,” as one of three girls living with the then perpetual playboy.

She's met enough celebrities and sports stars in her few years at the Playboy mansion than most will ever see in a lifetime. Kendra, who lives her life like an open book, is one of those rare celebrities that haven’t taken on a diva attitude after all the celebrity attention she’s awarded.

She’s still the all-American girl next door and you would never know by her actions that she is a Hollywood celebrity. Kendra and Hank have a four-year-old son Hank IV and this little boy is truly gorgeous. Now the celebrity couple have the American dream family of a boy and a girl. Today Kendra looks like a lady who has it all!

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