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Kendra Wilkinson a 'nervous wreck' from being broke and cheated on?

Things don't seem to be going well in the Kendra Wilkinson and Hank Baskett household. According to an OK! Magazine article published on Thursday, June 26, Kendra is not only dealing with rumors that Hank cheated on her but also with a bank account that's much smaller than she would like.

Actress Kendra Wilkinson attends the Safe Kids Day at The Lot on April 5, 2014 in West Hollywood, California.
Photo by Jason Merritt/Getty Images

According to a source, the couple are "dead broke." Kendra's reported past net worth of $6 million and Hank's reported past net worth of $6.5 million is all gone. Their TV show, WE tv's "Kendra on Top," which has just been renewed for a third season, is now their only source of income. However, income from the show isn't enough since the couple spends their money "as fast as they get it." Hank is also facing a lawsuit from investors of a failed sports training center.

Just how desperate are things getting? It's so bad that, horror of horrors, Kendra is resorting to reusing clothing! The source said that the former Playboy model is dressing her newborn girl, 1-month-old Alijah, in her brother's old clothes so that she doesn't have to buy new clothing. Other ways she's trying to save include couponing and scouring for cheap entertainment ideas for her children.

Besides the family's dwindling fortunes, Kendra also has to deal with all of those reports that Hank cheated on her, which has left her a "nervous wreck." What's worse about Hank's reported cheating is that it involves a transsexual. Transsexual model Ava Sabrina London is now claiming that Hank engaged in sexual acts with her in April, while Kendra was heavily pregnant with their daughter, and paid her $500 for the meeting.

A few days before Ava spoke to the press, Kendra tweeted about how much fun she was having with her husband and son. Glaringly, she has stayed silent since the transsexual story broke. Whatever is really going on in the marriage of Kendra Wilkinson and Hank Baskett, at least Kendra's watching her money. Hopefully, she'll make sure that she has enough in case she needs to hire a divorce attorney!

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