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Kendra and Hank Baskett update: Wilkinson seen sans ring, are they splitting?

Hank and Kendra with their son before their new baby arrived
Photo by Jason Merritt/Getty Images

Are Kendra and Hank Baskett splitting? Things have been complicated for the reality TV couple since allegations of cheating came out regarding the former NFL star, but they aren't saying much of anything quite yet. Though there have been claims that Kendra Wilkinson flushed her wedding ring down the toilet, TMZ indicated on Tuesday that things aren't quite that bad yet.

The “Kendra on Top” star was spotted out on Tuesday in Los Angeles without her wedding ring. According to Us Weekly, that is because she “started snooping” and “flipped out” when she dug into things regarding the allegations against her hubby. Supposedly she's quite angry and not only flushed her ring down the toilet, she punched holes in the walls and tossed their wedding pictures into the pool.

According to sources for TMZ, the couple is still together, at least for now. The site indicates that while she was indeed without her ring, and her lack of a comment when asked does indeed send a message, the couple is trying to work through their issues. Supposedly Kendra does still have her ring, but she rarely has it on, sources claim. Supposedly the lack of her ring does not necessarily relate to the allegations regarding the state of Kendra and Hank Baskett's marriage.

Though the couple had spent some time apart as the cheating allegations surfaced, sources indicate that the two are back home together now. What's the truth regarding the buzz that Hank cheated on Kendra with a transsexual model named Ava London while Wilkinson was pregnant? There hasn't been much of anything emerging that would debunk that one, so things don't look very good on that front.

Will these two be able to work things out? Many are stunned that this all transpired right as the couple welcomed their daughter Alijah to the family, and neither star has addressed the controversy yet. Will Kendra and Hank Baskett's marriage survive this scandal?

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