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Kendall Jones teen big game hunter: Online carnage photos ticking off activists

Kendall Jones considers herself a great hunter of exotic animals and she is trying to get a network to let her host her own show on her big game hunts. How, when and where she hunts and kills is perfectly legal, but she is killing perfectly innocent animals. Jones, who sounds like an over achiever as a Texas University cheerleader and a big game hunter, has many animal lovers really ticked off over the many kills that she documents in photos via social network, according to Today News on July 2.

Kendall Jones fancies herself a bit game hunter and Facebook postings of her kills are ticking people off today!
Facebook/ Kendall Jones

Jones, 19, is impeccably groomed while posing for pictures when participating in her chosen sport of hunting. She is often seen in photos sitting, standing or kneeling next to her latest kill. Again, there is nothing illegal about what she is doing, but many are looking at the moral factor of killing these animals for sport.

According to the Huffington Post, Jones sees her killing of these exotic creatures as doing her part for the conservation of animals. She also believes she helps support the communities in the area that she hunts. For example, after she shot an elephant, which she proudly stands on showing off her prize in a photo, the animal was dismembered and a nearby community showed up to “take a little protein” back home with them.

Her Facebook page is dedicated to her love of the hunt and all the animals she’s killed. It shows Jones with her gleaming smile proudly showing off a lion, a hippo, a leopard, an elephant and many more animals that didn’t have a chance against her riffle. Her infatuation with killing these beautiful creatures started as a child following her dad’s big game “hunting adventures.”

While other kids were hitting milestones of their first kiss or first date at 13-years-old, Jones bagged her first animal, a rare white rhino. She did this on a hunting trip to South Africa. Since that day she’s returned to the hunting grounds in Africa to kill many more creatures.

Her dream is to host a television show about her exploits. It is hard to imagine anyone would chance creating a show centered on her hunting because she has become a target of animal activists. While her Facebook pages boosts 89,000 likes as of Tuesday July 2, the online petition asking Facebook to take down the page of carnage citing “animal cruelty” has gathered over 80,000 signatures.

Glorifying the killing of these beautiful creatures is not something animal activists want to see. This just entices hunters, some who will kill animals just for the sake of killing because they consider it as fun. The college sophomore is aware of the polarized camps surrounding her hunting habits. She has the backing of hunters, not necessarily gun enthusiasts.

There are gun owners who see this killing of living creatures morally wrong. Animal activists are irate over the gull of Jones to glorify this behavior. Finding a way to coexist with nature is what most critics are calling for today, this goes against the grain of doing that. Animal lovers finding these graphic pictures online have described them as heartbreaking.

In one picture Jones is holding a dead leopard like it is a stuffed animal, giving it a bear hug. These are dead animals, not toys! Somehow there's something that just doesn't sit right with that picture. Check out the video above for more pictures of the young hunter, forward slash, cheerleader, which is a rare title for sure.

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