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Kendall Jenner surprises Styles: Kendall gifts Harry Styles food, necklace

Harry Styles
Photo by Stuart C. Wilson/Getty Images

Kendall Jenner surprises Styles with a thoughtful food basket -- and a custom made necklace. On Jan. 13, The National Ledger reported that Kendall surprised her "non-boyfriend" (even though it's clear the two are dating) Harry Styles with a gift basket filled with some of his favorite things including tea and chocolates. Kendall put together the thoughtful gift for Harry to make him less homesick (apparently she made sure some home-time faves were in that basket).

While the gift was extremely thoughtful of Kendall, she's making it hard to believe that she isn't dating Harry. The two have been out on "dates" several times over the past couple of months and it's becoming obvious that they are romantically linked.

If Kendall Jenner surprises Styles and goes out of her way for him, that's really all the proof you need to prove that the two are dating. Oh, but if you need more proof? Harry Styles has already met Kendall's dad, Bruce Jenner.

"When Harry and Bruce met at his Malibu home a couple of weeks ago, Harry charmed his way through the visit by talking about golf. Bruce is very protective when it comes to his daughters," said a source. While you could say that Kendall just wanted Bruce to meet Harry just because, she is 18-years-old and that's not really imperative at this point.

Since Kendall Jenner surprised Harry Styles and Harry met Kendall's dad, do you need any more proof?

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