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Kendall Jenner sues Blaine Morris over a Twitter post

LOS ANGELES, CA - AUGUST 10: TV personality Kendall Jenner attends FOX's 2014 Teen Choice Awards at The Shrine Auditorium on August 10, 2014 in Los Angeles, California.
Photo by Jason Merritt/Getty Images

Kendall Jenner is suing Blaine Morris over a Twitter post that said, “That horrible moment you chase a Kardashian down the street because she forgot to pay her bill, to be thrown money in your face.”

Blaine’s post on August 4, 2014 infuriated Kendall so much that she decided to get even. She posted tweets of her own, in which she denied most of the incident."These rumors r absolutely ridiculous! I would never throw money in anyone's face or act that disrespectfully. I was raised better than that.

"Said it once and I'll say it again, don't believe everything you read! (sic)"

To further her point of innocence, she retweeted a post made by Kim Kardashian's good friend, Jonathan Cheban. “Kendall would never do this.” He also said that the Kendall Jenner story was a joke.

Kendall’s lawyer had harder hitting words slammed at the waitress. E! obtained the letter that Kendall's lawyer, Marty Singer sent to Blaine. The letter said that Blaine's accusations are, "false and fabricated Statements" and "completely false, fabricated and defamatory."

His letter to Blaine went on to say "As you know, when you waited on my client at Mercer Kitchen last week, there was no issue with service whatsoever." He claims that Kendall and Hailey "inadvertently forgot to take care of the bill before walking out."

The letter does say that Blaine went after Kendall and Hailey when they left the restaurant, but, he goes on to say, "There was absolutely no scene as described in the Statements and the Tweet.

He maintains that Kendall "politely handed you $40" on a $33 bill and there is "absolutely no truth to your Statements and the Tweet that the money was ' your face.'"

International Business Times reports that the bill the two women owed was around $60, not $33 like the lawyer said it was.

Then Marty added the stinging comment, "Although you are working as a waitress at Mercer Kitchen, I understand you are also a struggling actress. You no doubt concocted a fictionalized account of your encounter with my client in order to create publicity for yourself."

He apparently is referring to the role that Blaine played as Betty Nardone on MTV’s “Skins.”

Apparently, you don’t cross the Jenner/Kardashians family, or you’ll be hearing from their lawyer.

The whole incident started Kendall and her friend, Hailey Baldwin, daughter of Stephen Baldwin, stopped in to eat at the Mercer Kitchen in New York City last week. They tried to order an alcoholic drink to go along with their meal. Kendall is only 18, too young to drink legally, so the waitress denied the request. Apparently, that infuriated Kendall and Hailey, so they got up and left the restaurant without paying their bill.

Blaine tweeted that she had to chase the two down the street to collect the money they owed. A source told Page Six, that the two women found it very funny and they started laughing. Then, “Kendall took a couple of $20 bills out of her wallet, threw them at the server and walked away, not even counting if it was enough or if it included a tip.”

Who's story or side do you believe? Post your thoughts below in the comments section.

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