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Kendall Jenner screws up reading teleprompter at Billboard Music Awards (video)

Kendall Jenner gave America a glimpse of why she wants to be a model on Sunday night. The reality star was at the 2014 Billboard Music Awards and all she needed to do was read the teleprompter like the rest of the stars. Apparently that was too much at ask as she completely murdered her introduction to 5 Seconds of Summer and almost called the band One Direction. According to Fansided on Sunday, Jenner admitted to being the worst teleprompter reader ever.

Kendall Jenner looks good but could not read the teleprompter at Billboard Music Awards
Photo by Frazer Harrison/Getty Images

So what goes into reading a teleprompter? Stars never go on stage cold and just read (unless they have been in the business for years) as that causes trouble. Instead, a producer usually goes over the lines with the celebrity, there are rehearsals and practice sessions. Messing up usually is due to nerves or no rehearsals prior to the performance. Entertainers who practice usually overcome nerves, even if they have butterflies before the segment.

As most fans of the music show were wondering why the reality star was part of the show in the first place, this mess up was mocked on social media. The young star didn't do well under pressure and without her handlers while the world watched. In fact it is safe to say she definitely should not have been asked to be on stage without another family member for support.

The only thing worse than messing up at the Billboard Music Awards would be a video showing the nightmare moment for everyone to watch and tear apart. Apparently that is what most people have done as YouTube is filling up with videos from fans who have posted the moment online. Everyone wants to see the young star mess up during her segment on the show.

Take a look at the video clip of Kennell Jenner messing up at the 2014 Billboard Music Awards. Perhaps next year the show will reconsider who introduces musical acts.

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