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Kendall Jenner's shocking Coachella fashion choices

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Kendall Jenner is quickly becoming one of the most famous and in demand members of the Kardashian family. As a result, it should be no surprise that her trip to Coachella has elicited a lot of attention. In particular, her fashion choices have been turning a lot of heads. According to a Monday story by E! Online, Kendall Jenner expressed her pride in her small breasts.

The reality starlet was spotted at Coachella wearing a shirt that could only be described as provocative. It was a grey sweatshirt that had plain black lettering, and it falsely declared that the starlet had no breasts.

I Have No Tits" - Text on Kendall Jenner’s shirt

Not surprising, the shirt has elicited a wide range of responses. Many believe that the shirt was unnecessarily vulgar, and that it should not have been worn in a such a public setting. Interestingly, there have been many people that have supported Kendall’s decision to wear the shirt.

However, this shirt was not the only controversial fashion choice Kendall Jenner has made while at Coachella. A Monday story by The Huffington Post reported that the star took the festival as an opportunity to showcase a large hoop nose ring.

The bold decision to wear the hoop nose ring was received with a shocked but pleasantly surprised reception. Kendall Jenner is known for her beautiful face, and the nose ring surprisingly complemented her innocent look by adding an exotic element. However, there were many fashion critics that were not particularly receptive to this choice. Yet, based on social media reaction, most of her fans supported the choice

While her fashion choices have received much attention among critics, her fans have largely been warm to her recent choices. In particular, they have backed her decision to wear the controversial sweatshirt. Do you think that Kendall Jenner’s fashion choices receive too much attention? Should she keep the nose ring or ditch it?