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Kendall accessory: Huge nose ring protruding bellow her lip, a parakeet perch?

Kendall Jenner's nose ring, was this really a perch for her parakeet?
Kendall Jenner's nose ring, was this really a perch for her parakeet?
Photo by Chris Weeks

Kendall Jenner’s nose ring was humongous, it looked as if it slipped out of her ear and landed on her nose. This was one accessory that looked ridiculous. After all, she is Kim Kardashian’s sister and when she showed up a Coachella wearing the nose ring, the cameras started snapping away.

According to News Oxy on April 15, the nose ring wasn't her best look. The sliver nose ring was its own entity with charms hanging off of it. Chances are at the end of the day it had a few more things hanging off of it, as it came clear below her bottom lip.

It almost looked as if Kendall came to Coachella with a parakeet, and while the bird wasn’t seen, she had its perch ready for it when it decided to fly home to mama. The gigantic nose ring went through her right nostril.

Coming from a family of sisters who have made accessorizing a sport, Kendal finished last in this event. You would think big sister Kim, Khloe or Kourtney would fill her in that she was looking way over accessorized on her face.

Other than the nose ring, Kendell looked normal. She wore the basics of a white T-shirt, cut-off denim shorts and a patterned kerchief in her hair. Wouldn’t you just love to be a fly on the while when her dad, Bruce Jenner, gets a gander at one of the Coachella pictures of his daughter?

MSN Wonderwall today asks their readers to, “tell us what you think of Kendall’s nose ring,” after she posted enough pictures of herself with that strange accessory. They did say that Coachella was full of “peace, love, music and terribly tacky accessories,” so it sounds as if the they are not liking this too much at all!

She was seen with her sister Kylie and the two of them hung out for a while with Selena Gomez. As the sun went down it got chilly, and a piece of metal in your nose that big in the cold could be uncomfortable. Kendal was apparently able to eat with that nose obstruction, as she posted selfies of herself taking nourishment. Those were posed, you never got to see her really chowing down on food.

It is hard to believe that Kendall didn’t get at least one piece of food all tangled up in her nose accessory. As the night went on, the parakeet never showed up looking for its perch. If she was an only child wearing something like this you’d say, O.K., she doesn’t have any siblings at home to tell her she might want to lose the protruding nose ornament. That's not the case though.

Kendall comes from a family that is high fashion, so how did she manage to slip by the “Keeping Up with the Kardashians” clan looking like someone played a bad joke on her? If only she had brought a parakeet with her, she would at least have an excuse after all the accessory bashing going on today!

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