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Kendall Jenner Love magazine: Reality star wears lingerie on new cover

Kendall Jenner
Kendall Jenner
Kendall Jenner Instagram

Kendall Jenner is now on the cover on Love magazine. On Tuesday, US Magazine shared about her new picture in the magazine. Kendall shared it on Instagram and she looks great in black lingerie. She is very classy though and covered up still which is what is important to fans that want her to stay a good role model. Along with the picture she put the caption, "me by @kegrand and #MarioSorrenti for @thelovemagazine." It is great that she is making sure to give credit to the photographer.

This is her first major cover and it is for Love which is a UK magazine. Editor-in-chief Katie Grand told that "Kendall is not only one of our cover stars, but one of the breakthrough faces of the season, who I loved so much that I asked her to model in three of our stories this issue." It is great that she is doing such a good job in her modeling career.

Kendall Jenner has been proving that she is more than just a reality TV star. Her modeling career is taking off. Kendall and her sister Kylie Jenner also just wrote a book with the help of a ghost writer. Things are really looking up for her. She has moved out on her own and is living her life. It is great to see Kendall moving on with her life and stepping out doing things on her own.

Don't miss Kendall Jenner on "Keeping Up With the Kardashians" on E! Network. New episodes air every single Sunday night on E!. You will get to see more about her and how things are going in her life now. This is the best way to see the real her and it is a great show.