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Kendall Co. jail inmate caught hiding in ceiling in alleged escape attempt

Ryan Cleary
Ryan Cleary
Kendall Co. Sheriff's Dept.

A Kendall County jail inmate's bid for freedom means he may do added time in jail after an alleged escape attempt this morning.

Ryan Cleary, 20, of Montgomery, was found hiding on top of ventilation ductwork in the ceiling of the jail at 9:30 a.m., according to Kendall County Sheriff Deputy Craig French.

French says Cleary climbed up through a suspended ceiling and was able to crawl along the ductwork for about 25 feet.

In a written statement, Corrections Commander Sabrina Jennings said, "Ryan Cleary was in the ceiling with no means of escape and still within the Service Detention Facility."

The statement went on to say the jail's ventilation system is secured and a ceiling escape would have been impossible.

The jail was built in 1992 and there has been only one other escape attempt. An inmate was caught trying to chip away at the wall of his cell in 1998.

In 2009, two inmates escaped from the Peoria County Jail by methodically chipping away cinder block. Both escapees were eventually captured.

Cleary is in jail on charges of aggravated battery and resisting arrest. He also had an outstanding Kendall County warrant, according to French.

He now faces additional charges for attempted escape and criminal damage to state supported property.