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Kendall and Kylie Jenner confused over Bruce Jenner's new changes

Bruce Jenner's teenage daughters Kendall and Kylie Jenner are 'very confused' by Bruce's changes in his recent appearance finding it hard to understand and cope with according to Hollywood News Daily reports on Tuesday, Feb. 11.

Bruce jenner changes confusing teen daughters kendall and Kylie Jenner
(Photo by Mike McGregor/Getty Images for Cantor Fitzgerald)

Jenner and the obvious physical transformations he has been undergoing lately have really baffled his family, especially his young daughters.

Reports have revealed that Bruce Jenner has been making a complete makeover with his looks for the past several months, these changes have been sparking many media reports that have raised questions as to whether or not Bruce is starting to undergo a trans gendering change into a woman.

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To date, Bruce Jenner's changes include growing out his hair long, and wearing it back in a pony tail, he has reportedly recently added some hair plugs and a ombre color job, one like his daughters have been wearing of late.

Bruce is sporting longer manicured and polished nails, and has had his Adam's Apple shaved down, all clues that lead people to speculate that Bruce is definitely going through some sort of change process.

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Kris Jenner is denying that Bruce is going to have a sex change, but sources close to the Kardashian/Jenner family stated that the kids are confused.

“Kylie and Kendall just don’t know what to think. It’s extremely confusing for them to grasp. There is just no denying Bruce’s recent physical changes, and he does look more feminine."

“It’s been especially hard for 16-year-old Kylie because some of her friends have made jokes about Bruce’s looks. The ridicule aimed at Bruce’s looks on social media has also taken a toll on Kendall and Kylie. Kendall continues to spend time with her dad, while Kylie hasn’t been hanging out as much with Bruce, unless it’s for filming.”

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Those outside the Kardashian/Jenner inner circle are just sitting back in wonder to see what Bruce Jenner has in store for his next big change in appearance.

What will be the next change Bruce Jenner will make?

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