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Kendall accessory: Kendall Jenner wears huge nose ring at Coachella

Kendall Jenner nose ring accessory.
Kendall Jenner nose ring accessory.

Kendall Jenner’s latest accessory is a huge hoop nose ring which she was spotted wearing at Coachella Music Festival, Us Weekly reported on April 14.

The “Keeping Up With The Kardashians” star and her friends were on their selfie game at Coachella, with Kendall posting plenty of photos of herself rocking the nose ring, a fashion statement which many fans hated.

Kendall Jenner’s nose ring accessory was so big that it dropped down past her mouth, and covered a good part of her face.

It seems Kendall may have forgotten to look in the mirror before heading out to Coachella, because the usually fashion forward teen was thought by many to look ridiculous.

“Why did Kendall Jenner think it was a good idea to wear that ugly nose ring to Coachella?” one fan tweeted. “It looks really stupid. I don’t care how cool she thinks she is,” another wrote.

Ouch, it looks like backlash wasn’t good for Kendall’s new accessory.

What did you think of Kendall Jenner’s huge nose ring at Coachella?

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