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Ken Kerr poised to be next big Caribbean male model after Men's Fashion Week

Bahamas native Kenneth Kerr is officially the next male model from the Caribbean to watch. The up and coming former skinny boy is being booked across the United States and rumored to have several agencies ready to represent him.

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Kenneth Kerr

Kerr, who works as an immigration officer despite his degree in education is from Grand Bahama, known as the second city of The Bahamas. Having spent his high school days as an ugly duckling, his eagerness to use social media to show off his new body resulted in his latest booking at the Chicago Men's Fashion week.

Kerr says he simply posted pics on his Facebook, Instagram and Twitter accounts to highlight how he was coming along with healthy eating and exercise. Little did he know, the shout out he gave to designers while wearing their tanks, swimsuits and workout clothing, would lead some of those very designers to contact him with invites to appear in their shows or model their brands.

Kerr was one of 29 models selected to be a part of Chicago's Men's Fashion week this year and shared his experience.

"Being a model and being a part of the team was one of the most rigorous, demanding but most rewarding experiences," he said during a recent press briefing. "Once each month, we met for 4 hours to rehearse scenes, runway combinations and fittings. This meant that I had to travel to Chicago from The Bahamas each month.”
This year, he's had the chance to rip the runway for NoRal Apparel, Andrew Christian, Undergear, Llewellyn, VG Brand, Ray Vicente and more.
“’Official male model?’,” he chuckled when asked if he considers himself as such. “I like that title actually. But having a portfolio is something every model (male or female) should have. It speaks for you even when you are not present. But to be referred to as an (official) male model is still something I have to get used to. Growing up, I was always the tall, slinky kid with the big nose and broad shoulders. I guess I found a way to let that work for me.”
He's traveled to Chicago, Los Angeles, Palm Springs, Miami, Atlanta and New York as a model. He says his highlights were his one on one with alpha male model, Broderick Hunter, and walking with Victoria's Secret angel Sessalie Lopez.
“As a person/model, you are a brand so everything you do should reflect your brand so that when people see or speak about you they know what you represent,” Ken said when asked what he feels he represents as a brand. “Ken Kerr represents a strong, up and coming male model with a passion for health and fitness. So almost everything I do reflects that. I enjoy (runway) modeling because I get to help bring a designer's work to life,” he added. “As a model, I'm a canvas so most times through my body I'm required to tell a story or bring a message across without saying a single word. Being photographed and being on the runway allows me to do that. I guess you can say I love telling stories.”
Kerr advises any one who is interested in jumping into modelling to invest.
“You have to invest in yourself and in your career because it's the only way you will get ahead in this industry or anywhere in life,” he said. “You must always look for new ways to put yourself and your name out there and step out of your comfort zone. Lastly, you must find your niche; that is, you must find what works best for you and what makes you memorable.”

Ken says he is not quite sure if he is ready to go full time into modelling but doesn't toss the idea.

“Anything is possible, so I won't say no. I mean a year ago, if you had told me I'd get to work with Broderick Hunter or walk in a runway show with Victoria's Secret Model Sessile Lopez, I wouldn't have paid it any mind. But the reality and beauty of the universe has reminded me that with hard work, determination and a love for what you do; anything is possible.”

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