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Ken Cuccinelli: NSA collects location data on Americans, stores for five years

On Sara Marie Brenner's radio show Wednesday night, former Virginia Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli revealed that not only is the National Security Agency (NSA) gathering the phone records of all Americans, but the massive government agency is collecting location data as well.

Domestic surveillance intelligence stored at NSA's Utah Data Center
Photo by George Frey/Getty Images

Cuccinelli is currently lead counsel in a case against the NSA. He is representing Freedomworks and Senator Rand Paul, who is suing the federal government as an American citizen.

During the broadcast, Cuccinelli explained that telephone metadata includes the telephone numbers called, the duration of the calls, the “technical details” of the phone being used, as well as the trunk identifiers, which reveal where a call entered the cellular network.

Cuccinelli observed that the collection of location data “has not been much discussed publicly,” and said that he believes the NSA domestic surveillance program, where they are gathering this data “on a daily basis,” violates the Fourth Amendment to the Constitution.

The data is stored for five years, he said.

As reported at Tavern Keepers, Cuccinelli continued to say that the complaint requests that the NSA stop collecting data on Americans and that they “purge their database.” Going forward, he said, the NSA should

“only use tools that provide judicial oversight to determine that there are basis to believe the specific data they’re getting is somehow related to criminal, terrorist or foreign intelligence activity.”

Click on the video to watch Cuccinelli discuss the lawsuit Saturday at FreePAC Kentucky.

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