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Kemetic metaphysics part 7

Learn the amazing, extraordinary, and empowering Golden Pharaonic Order
Learn the amazing, extraordinary, and empowering Golden Pharaonic Order
Picture taken and designed by:Kara Essex

Are you curious to discover how the ancient Kemetian (Egyptian) Pharaonic Order’s metaphysical teachings allowed an aspirant to achieve a gradual inner awakening, as well as “oneness” with the universe? Keep reading and you will learn the final steps to this amazing, extraordinary, and empowering Golden Pharaonic Order. Up until this point, we have examined the metaphysical practices necessary for the aspirant to shift consciousness in order to acquire cosmic consciousness, wisdom and knowledge in terms of the elementary principles and the spiritual laws of the universe. It’s interesting to note that not until the aspirant had purity of the body and peace of mind could he/she enter into an inner cosmic universal consciousness. Now that the aspirant mastered the first three essential steps to comprehending greater heights, it was time to take his/her cosmic flight. This brings us to the next level of the Pharaonic Order - Giver of the Winds/Attendant Priest.

The attendant priest’s duties in the temple were to instruct new aspirants in fasting and meditation. However, metaphysically this fourth step was a vital key to unfolding the mysteries of levitation, elevation, and transformation into a whole new creation. In ancient Kemet (Egypt), wind represents the spirit and thus dominates all other elements. The appearance of wind is invisible but can be clearly felt. Therefore, the wind represents all that is in the unseen such as our spirit, soul, heart, mind and all that lies above and below. Therefore, in order for the aspirant to embody the Giver of the Winds and soar from the earth to the heavens and beyond, he/she must first metaphysically, biologically, and psychologically shift their consciousness to contemplate and visualize from one of the main points in the human body which is located almost in the center of the head - the pineal gland.

According to Kemetic metaphysics, the pineal gland’s primary field of view is a 90° upward focus to the heavens. Furthermore, inside the pineal gland is the sacred geometric form of lines which are the universal blueprints to all creation. Now that the body and mind were in purity and peace, cells were functioning at their natural cosmic acceleration and lateral vision came into observation. Lateral observation is essential in determining an empirical observation of your existence and creation .



  • Emylou Lewis 5 years ago

    This is great, I learned something new.

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    Seattle stay-at-home moms examiner

  • Princetta J. 5 years ago

    Thanks for this post! Very well spoken Kara. I have always been interested in metaphysics. As I meditate and align my Chakras, I am aware that through the crown (pineal gland), I am able to receive cosmic consciousness. I often use Binaural Beats to alter my brainwave frequencies resulting in an altered state of awareness. This also helps me to achieve astral projection, lucid dreaming, past life regression, creativity free-flow and more. I will definitely make it a point to follow your writings. Thanks for the education.

  • Jelani Khepera 5 years ago

    Brother Kara, I have a brother who is following the kemetic path of enlightenment and his body is producing spiritual energy. However, another person who is enlighten is manipuling his spiritual energy preventing him fron shifting. How can he get the person off his enegry and shift?

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