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Kemetic Metaphysics part 4

The Pharaonic Order enabled aspirants to create spiritual ideas into physical thoughts.
The Pharaonic Order enabled aspirants to create spiritual ideas into physical thoughts.
Picture taken and designed by:Kara Essex

The Sacred Pharaonic Order initiations into the sacred science and spiritual disciplines were taught in many temples throughout ancient Kemet (Egypt). This is an accurate blueprint of the Sacred Pharaonic Order’s initiations as they were taught in the Temple of Ipet Isut (Karnak)- “Temple of Amon.” A few examples of what you’ll discover in addition to learning the esoteric steps of the Pharaonic Order are the metaphysical and psychological ideas embedded in the Golden Sacred Initiation. It may surprise you to know that you’ve only begun the journey of learning Kemetic Metaphysics. Keep reading and you will learn how to unite your inner spirit, mind, body and soul.
If you feel compelled to practice Kemetic Metaphysics and you feel you will apply it to your life, the truth and balance you seek you will find. “The best way and the shortest road towards knowledge of truth is nature.” This quote is found on the Outer Temple at Ipet Isut (Karnak). Let’s take a closer look at these ancient mystery teachings in order for you to master your life by developing your highest potential. When you examine the mental, spiritual, and physical training for attainment of higher learning you embody these teachings and transform spiritual ideas into physical thought and manifestation.

There are two parts of the Temple of Ipet Isut (Karnak), one being the Outer Temple and the other being the Inner Temple. The Outer Temple is where the beginning aspirant as well as the general public were allowed to come and study the mystery teachings of the Pharaonic Order to obtain the Seftex (seventh) degree of higher consciousness known as the “Place of Maat”. Only after aspirants proved themselves to be worthy and capable of acquiring the higher cosmic wisdom, knowledge, and insight were they allowed entrance into the sacred Inner Temple.

The first essential concept that the aspirant had to comprehend was that man and woman are the microcosm of the universe. The metaphysical aspect of this concept is that within man and woman (symbolized by the pentagram or the five-pointed star) is the spiritual essence of the Creator and the heavens. It is well known that people can learn information and make transformations into the highest stages of consciousness. To see how this was done, or more importantly, how you can do, this examine part 5 of Kemetic


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    Hi Kara! I grew up in Kenya and Sudan. I am what you call a third culture kid, someone who grew up everywhere due to the job of their parents. My examiner titles are Seattle stay-at-home moms examiner and Third culture kids examiner. I subscribed to you.

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