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Kemetic Metaphysics part 2

The Pharaonic Order's Sacred Golden initiations were conducted at Ipet Isut “Temple of Amon”
The Pharaonic Order's Sacred Golden initiations were conducted at Ipet Isut “Temple of Amon”
Picture taken by:Kara Essex

To the ancient Kemetians, the light represented the creative essence and principles of the universe. The more their wisdom and knowledge of this form of matter advanced, cosmic science and cosmic religion came into development. Kemet’s "Egypt's" legacy begins with the wisdom, knowledge, and practice of the Sacred Pharaonic Order. The ancient Kemetians employed the Pharaonic Order for thousands of years of recorded history. Evidence of this sacred Pharaonic Order which transformed men and women into God’s and Goddesses can be found throughout ancient Kemet in the designed construction of the many monuments, the reliefs engraved on the tomb walls, as well as “Metu Neter” (hieroglyphic) scripts. The earliest known examples of the “Metu Neter”scripts have been dated to 3,400 BC. However, the Pharaonic Era dates back 3000 years. The Pharaonic Era is therefore divided into three dynasties as follows: Old Kingdom, Middle Kingdom and Modern Kingdom. During the Old Kingdom, ancient Kemetians (Egyptians) enjoyed spiritual peace, stability, and security, as well as achieved economic, cultural and artistic advancements due to the teaching of the Pharaonic Order .

The Pharaonic Order was established as the primary source for the illumination of the Ka (spirit) and the elevation of Ba (soul) giving one the universal powers to create miracles. These sacred golden initiations were conducted at Ipet Isut “Temple of Amon” which is now called The Temple of Karnak. Candidates that were initiated into this Pharaonic Order, would advance in degrees, in stages of seven, and they were given priestly duties and titles. Every seventh step was esoterically named representing the essence and principles of light. There are seven life species on earth, seven colors, seven sounds, and seven openings in the cranium.

The great pyramid itself esoterically reflects the power of seven. According to Kemetian metaphysics the great pyramid’s architectural design was built as the perfect image of the human body and spirit unified as one cosmic light. In this 40 year initiation, the candidate would learn the secret mysteries of creation and how to metaphysically put these principles into manifestation. At this point it’s important to comprehend some key concepts to applying Kemetic Metaphysics to obtain supreme learning and acquire miraculous latent powers in your life. It is essential that you be willing to absorb new information. The next essential key is you must open your mind to new ideas. You must visualize and internalize that supreme wisdom and knowledge is flowing into you.


  • Patricia 5 years ago

    Thank you for sharing! This is so interesting. I'm an old soul & I've actually been here would have to believe in reincarnation in order to understand where I'm coming from.

  • Princetta J. 5 years ago

    I agree Patricia. This is very interesting. Kara has very interesting topics and his writing ability is articulate to boot. I am an old soul also and I too believe in reincarnation. Both my sister and I believe that we are here to evolve and in each lifetime, there is something else that we need to learn. So everyone has a different path and road to evolution. I believe that what we are here to experience is complete oneness of all that exists and to love and forgive unconditionally--just as we are loved and forgiven by the Infinite.

  • Iwanttolearn 4 years ago

    I believe I am an old soul as well. I intuitively have always believed I was here before. I remember my soul flying everywhere in another dimension full of love and freedom but for some reason I forgot how to fly and some how became lost in this dimension.

    I have recently acquired an overwhelming desire to rediscover the truth about my origin to gain an understanding of who I am and what I can do to become the person I believe the creator intended for me to be. I find the new learning I have recently discovered in Kemetic Metaphysics to be most enlightening and something that has created an insatiable desire to grow to a higher level of understanding and awareness. My goal is to get back to the point where I am flying again. I know that learning more of this discipline will facilitate growth and help me redevelop mind, body, soul and spirit. Much love to all…

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