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Kelvin, heatin' up the Big Screen.

Kelvin "Drama" is how I came to know him. Familiar with Baltimore City myself from much travel, I wanted to learn more about this 27 year old actor who comes off as well grounded and well rounded despite growing up in a low class area of the West-Side where lots of violence and drugs could be an influence. His mother, determined to protect her family, was able to move Herself, Kelvin, his 2 younger brothers and sister to a better part of the city once he was in High School.

Photos of Kelvin Page. His life, goals, career, family and friends.
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Kelvin Page may be the next actor to heat up the Big Screen!
Photo provided by Kelvin Page

Until he was 25, Kelvin Page was a rather shy person but on the flip side of the coin decided to go after his dream of acting, eager to use his hidden talents. "I've always wanted to act since I was young. I remember watching Ice Cube in 'Trespass', and I imitated his character the whole ride home. My first role was Dan Boyd in the feature-film 'Live and Die' directed by Jimmy Traynor. This was by far my favorite role because it gave me the confidence to pursue my acting career heavily." Since then he's been in a variety of movies and played a variety of characters such as Littles in the crime-drama 'All in the Game' directed by Gary Ugarek, Brian Bury in the horror film 'Soulmate' directed by Shawn Anthony and the insane inmate named Dick in the comedy 'Government'.

His favorite quote is "The first step before anybody else in the world believes it, is, you have to believe it. There's no reason to have a Plan B, because it distracts from Plan A" and he cites Will Smith as his biggest influence because he "has a crazy work ethic" which Page apparently identifies with. He also mentions Jerome Brooks, Altorro Black and Ron Bush. "I've been following these guys since I first decided to start. They are three very talented actors who started their careers in the DMV."

Kelvin plans to move to Los Angeles in 2012 to pursue his opportunities. "I feel that to become one of the best actors you have to surround yourself (with the best)". With his first step in LA he will "hit the ground rolling" auditioning and enrolling in training programs. He will be working hard to make his dreams come true. This is no understatement as I can see his sights are set on the big screen and to be immersed in the major aspects of the industry. He would not only seize the chance to work with his favorite influences, he may be creating ways to make this happen. "I'm also in the plans to start my very own production company FirstPage Productions. I see myself as more than just an actor. I want to produce, write and direct my own film (like) Ben Affleck."

Proud of the fact that he has a beautiful daughter and a full-time job, Kelvin Page resides with his long-time girlfriend of 9 years and 6 year old daughter, and says "Besides God, I would like to thank my daughter for keeping me positive and always putting a smile on my face." I noticed he can't mention his family enough. His love and devotion for them is evidently deep and he gains inspiration if not extra motivation from this.

"Far as shout outs and thanks, I would first off, like to thank God. Without Him none of this would be possible. And I am glad He gave me the talent and the determination to pursue this very stressful yet exciting career... I want to thank my family for supporting me through all the rough times and giving me very inspirational advice for my move to LA. I would also like to thank Jimmy Traynor and Gary Ugarek for giving me the two biggest roles of my career (so far). I owe these guys the world. Also, watch out for the acting group SharkNation."

Determined to make the most of it, he looks forward to embracing his goals with hard work, planning, and a positive attitude. In science, Kelvin, also is a way of measuring heat, not in degrees but simply in Kelvins. So, maybe, likewise, Kelvin "Drama" Page will be the sole measure of the success of his own life.

Upcoming films include 'All In the Game' directed by Gary Ugarek. 'Senior Cut Day' directed by Alvin Gray. And 'Soulmate' directed by Shawn Anthony, which will be released in numerous states across the US in theaters.

Bon Voyage and may God Bless your path, Mr. Page.

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