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Kelsey Sprague's Valentine's Day serenades at Pueblo Pulp

Kelsey Sprague held a Valentine’s Day concert at The Pulp, on Feb. 14. She was the opening act, Zachary Lucky was the direct support and John Statz was the headlining act. Sprague provided the vocals and played the guitar. Mike Clark was a special guest. For part of Sprague’s set—he assisted her with backup vocals, strummed the guitar and played the banjo.

Kelsey Sprague's Valentine's Day serenades at Pueblo Pulp.
Riki Takaoka
Kelsey Sprague's Valentine's Day serenades at Pueblo Pulp.
Sareth Ney

John Rodriguez, publisher of Pueblo Pulp, introduced Sprague to the stage and she began her recital with “Fools Like Me”. After making her way to her seat, she said she was wearing her Valentine’s dinner dress. She went onto say she was on a date with the audience. Later, she reminisced walking in the downtown area and was excited as to how warm the weather had been. She stated how it was the way she remembered Pueblo, after remembering how cold it had been.

Sprague tuned her guitar, before the start of “Sorry Honey”.
“I don’t know how many of you tuned a guitar but it’s really stressful,” Sprague said.
The audience laughed with her. With the response the onlookers had provided her—she stated they could see the song could be interpreted in two ways, either funny or not. As she adjusted her capo closer to the base of her guitar, she performed and some of the spectators briefly sang along with her.

Clark was invited on stage, to perform with Sprague. After he picked up his guitar and sat down, Sprague noticed both of the guitars had a similar style. They both joked how they were “twin soul guitars” and Sprague admitted they were both owned by Clark. She stated she never brings her own guitars to a concert and only plays them at home, during her songwriting process. Then, they continued with “Grown Over”. Clark remained on stage for “Like Wildflowers”, “Take My Heart” and “Lost Love”.

After Sprague’s stated “Siren Song” would bring an end to her showcase, she thanked Lucky and Stanz for allowing her to be the opening act of the concert. She thanked her fellow artists at Blank Tape Records in attendance and Rodriguez for keeping the venue open late. After she parted the stage—Inaiah Lujan, of The Haunted Windchimes, stood up, raised a jar near the front of the stage and encouraged everyone to make a suggested donation.

“Baby Be Mine” was also part of Kelsey Sprague’s set.

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