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Kelsey Smith reveals if she has seen her choice on 'Sweet Home Alabama'

Kelsey Smith
cmt with permission

Tonight is the big finale of "Sweet Home Alabama" on CMT. On Jan. 10, Kelsey Smith was talking to fans on Twitter and revealed that she has seen her man since they ended their filming. They stopped filming back in October so it has been a few months they have had to stay in hiding.

Kelsey was talking to a fan and said, "@MMeredith21: @kelseydeesmith have y'all seen each other since October?” Many times but in secrecy ;)." It sounds like they have been hiding out and making sure that nobody saw them, but they are getting to enjoy each other. That is great and sounds like things are going very well for them right now.

Of course she wouldn't tell the fans how far apart they live, but she obviously is finding a way to see them even if she picked the city guy. Are you thinking Nate or Collin will win it all? Sound off in the comments on your thoughts and check out my Facebook all about this show.

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