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Kelsey Rauber and Christina Raia campaign to fund two film shorts

Kelsey Steeler and Christina Raia of CongestedCat Productions are currently raising the funds for two new short film projects - "Not Our Living Room" and "We Have Plans." They are using the crowdfunding site Seed & Spark, and have reached 40% of their goal. And these two films are a worthy goal indeed, heavy on theme and character and sure to leave the audience contemplating their stories long after the films are over.

Both films star actors from Raia's first feature film, "Summit." And both films use unique elements of drama to explore a sense of loss. Each film requires audiences to question what they understand about gender roles and to consider the important aspects of relationships between siblings.

The first film, "Not Our Living Room," is a surreal and cerebral film about two half-brothers. Kelsey and Christina portray the brothers as atypical of the men usually seen in movies. This was done on purpose to provide an alternative to the sort of masculinity normally seen in film. The brothers have polar opposite personalities. When they end up in a living room they can't identify, their personalities come to the fore as they try to figure things out. Casting is still going on for the role of one of the brothers.

The second film, "We Have Plans," is about two sisters, one of whom is gay. The sister who is straight wants to break up with her current boyfriend. But the other sister has plans for the three of them and the breakup changes her plans. Both sisters are portrayed as relatable characters. Like "Not Our Living Room," this film questions the typical role of females in film.

There is still time to support these films. CongestedCat Productions is known for the web series Kelsey and the feature film Summit.

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