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Kelly Shackelford: School censors God

Brooks district redacted God from his speech.
Brooks district redacted God from his speech.
Brooks Hamby and Fox

When Brooks Hamby was writing out his graduation speech in Brawley California he politely thanked God, according to Kelly Shackelford, president of Liberty Institute, today, Tuesday, June 17. School officials (thought police?) demanded to review his speech which they censored three times, eviscerating the salutatorian's original references to God, according to a June 16 Fox News article.

The school officials who overruled God will be held accountable. Not just possibly on Judgment Day. But also in the earthly courts.

Liberty Institute is stepping in with legal representation for the besieged salutatorian. This crisis began Monday when Brooks was notified he was the salutatorian and ordered to submit the first draft of his speech by Wednesday to the censorship police.....sorry, the school administration.

Before the people with censorship pens seized the speech, Brooks had written, "Heavenly Father, in all times, let us always be kind to one another, tenderhearted, forgiving one another, as God in Christ has forgiven us."

How shocking is that? The censorship police....sorry, the school administration....went berserk with their pens crossing out the offending words.

Brooks had the audacity to submit a second version for the regime's approval in which he referred to the censorship of his original speech. Evidently not wanting it to become public they were censoring his presentation, the school regime then rejected even that second speech.

The plot only thickened on Thursday morning, the day of the graduation ceremony, when not only Brooks, but also his parents were called to the dictator's office.....sorry, the principal's office. There the law of the dictatorship was laid down.

The alleged school district (dictatorship) was evidently ticked off. If Brooks "interjects religious content, the sound will be cut off, and a disclaimer to the entire audience must be made explaining the (alleged) district's position."

The patient Brooks then rewrote yet another version (third, if one is still counting) and submitted it to the supreme ruler of the hierearchy referred to as the superintendent. The school regime evidently thought Brooks posed such a danger that they had to bring in the big gun.

The howitzer brought out "The Big Eraser" and crossed out emphatically all religious references in black. The regime meant business now. They weren't going to tolerate this nonsense any further.

Poor Brooks. Lucky for him the school district doesn't have the authority to impose the death penalty. The tireless Brooks then submitted a fourth version (who's still counting now?), but for some reason he didn't receive a reply back before time for him to deliver his speech.

In his actual address on Thursday, he bravely referenced the three previous versions of his speech and had the nerve to refer to the Bible and his Christian faith. Uh--oh. He was in trouble now.

Through some miracle, the thought police did not silence his microphone.

Hiram Sasser, attorney for Liberty Institute, said, "It is outrageous that a government school official would demand that a salutatorian submit his speech for government review for the purpose of censoring religious speech."

Jeremy Dys, another attorney for Liberty Institute, appeared on Fox and Friends on Fox News on Tuesday, June 17 to discuss the case.

Brooks Hamby deserves credit for his incredible courage and patience in the face of the censorship police also known as the Brawley Union School District of Brawley, California.

And people wonder why the public school system is in such chaos today.

Members of the Brawley Union School District are invited to respond to this article by email or any other manner to provide their side of the story. Also, they are each entitled to an interview if they so desire.

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