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Kelly's Deck

If you haven't made the trip to Westport lately, there's a whole new reason to go. Kelly's, Kansas City's famous Irish bar, has opened a new deck on the rooftop of the historic building. When you go, you'll notice some changes before you even make it to the stairs.

As you walk into the building, go past the main bar and head towards the back.The deck is supported by covered I beams in the second room. There are new bathrooms for the ladies, replacing ones that were removed during the renovation.  As you walk up the ramp, you'll notice the stairwell descending on your left. Go on up, and you'll see pictures of staff and customers lining the walls. At the top, go through the door and you're on the rooftop.

There are two small bathrooms that are air conditioned and the bar on your left. Tables are set up around the deck, and a half roof protects the bar area. Three flat screen TVs hang on the walls. The set up allows you to look over the front door of McCoy's, as well as the intersection of Westport Road and Pennsylvania Avenue.

This is going to be the hot place to be this summer. Get there early, because it's going to be packed during the warm weekend nights. It's a great addition to one of KC's favorite bars, so check it out.

The beer selection is the same as downstairs, although the liquor selection is limited, due to space.


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