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Kelly's Bake Shoppe

Mother-Daughter team, Kelly Childs & Erinn Weatherbie, transformed their passion for healthy living into this incredible business.
Mother-Daughter team, Kelly Childs & Erinn Weatherbie, transformed their passion for healthy living into this incredible business.
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There is something magical about walking thru downtown Burlington on a hot summer day. The glistening lake, swaying trees, unique shops and restaurants galore …. It’s hard to leave at the end of the day. Let me tell you about my favorite little shop on Brant Street, near the Lakeshore. It’s called “Kelly’s Bake Shoppe” and it is just adorable. It looks like a cute townhouse right out of a made-for-tv movie in a small, magical town. The curb appeal is just delightful.

Once you walk thru the doors of Kelly’s Bake Shoppe, you are transported into what I like to call old-fashioned times. I don’t mean the décor by any means. The décor is true girly-girl style with pink everywhere. It’s obvious that the mother-daughter team whom own this shop, Kelly Childs and Erinn Weatherbie are very much in touch with their feminine side. What I meant by old-fashioned is the customer service. These days when you walk into a shop or a store, many of the staff won’t give you the time of day. However, at Kelly’s Bake Shoppe, you receive a warm welcome and lots of friendly smiles. Kelly and Erinn often post in their employment ads that they want outgoing and friendly people. They want a drama-free work environment, and it appears to the customers, they have achieved that. From the moment you walk in to the time you pay for your order and walk out, the level of customer service is impeccable.

Now, let me tell you about those delicious treats you’ll find in store. From cupcakes, cookies, brownies, ice cream and so much more, you’ll be surrounded by dozens of choices for everyone. Everything is allergen-free, gluten-free and vegan. Rather than using ingredients with names that none of us could ever pronounce, they use the best of the best ingredients, and it goes to show in the taste. While the costs aren’t exactly low, you’re paying for outstanding quality. After all, wouldn’t you prefer to give your body something that not only tastes outstanding, but is good for it? Trust me, once you take a bite of a chocolate coconut cupcake (my personal favorite), you’ll wonder why you’ve ever bought anything else ever before.

If you can’t make it into the store, Kelly’s Bake Shoppe offers a delivery service to a wide-span area of Ontario. Just perfect for when I want to send my gluten-free sister-in-law in Ajax a little package.

I won’t keep you reading because I know right now you’re aching to head out to Burlington and pick yourself up a good-for-you treat. Be sure to send chocolate coconut cupcakes my way!!