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Kelly Rutherford's Custody Battle: Is there a Glimmer of Hope?

Kelly Rutherford and daughter, Helena
Getty Images

I recently wrote about Kelly Rutherford's custody battle which defies logic on multiple levels. I first connected with Kelly last year and was able to attend her most recent court date on March 19th in Los Angeles Superior Court. Kelly's case has had a few hopeful moments in recent months:

  • A new Judge (Mark A. Juhas) has been appointed to her case and Judge Teresa Beaudet is now off the case. The fact that Judge Beaudet is still behind a bench somewhere should terrify all of America. Her judgement to send two American children to a foreign country has been labeled as "the worst custody decision ever" by ABC News Legal Consultant, Dan Abrams.
  • In court on March 19th, Judge Juhas eluded to the fact (multiple times) that the previous order from Judge Teresa Beaudet was poorly written or difficult to understand. This could be labeled as the understatement of the decade.
  • This case is garnering a lot of support from media outlets which normally steer clear of Family Court cases. The spotlight is now shining brightly on Judge Juhas who has the ability to reverse the worst custody decision ever.
  • Kelly has secured an attorney after being in pro se for many months. Attorney Chelsea Storey of The Law Office of Chelsea Storey has signed on as Kelly Rutherford's attorney of record. I have personally spent a lot of time in the courtroom and it takes a lot for an attorney to impress me. Chelsea went up against Daniel Giersch's army of attorneys single-handedly and not only held her own but turned around a bus which was headed downhill.
  • The original order by Judge Beaudet was intended to be a temporary custody order and it was expected that Mr. Giersh would make an effort to re-establish his Visa and return to the United States. To date, Mr. Giersch has not submitted any evidence to show that he has made an effort to return to the United States.

I am often known to wear rose-colored glasses and in this case, I plan to keep them on because I am finally feeling hopeful when it comes to the Giersch/Rutherford custody battle. I am holding on to hope that Judge Mark Juhas will take the first step to correct an error that has ripped two American children from their mother's loving arms.

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