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Kelly Rutherford custody battle: Actress loses another attempt to get kids back

Kelly Rutherford
Photo by Mike Coppola/Getty Images

Actress Kelly Rutherford has lost another battle to try to get her children back. On Thursday, News Oxy shared about the latest news on her custody battle. Things are not looking good for her at this time. She is claiming that their father actually deported their kids to France. She has been fighting to get them back for years, but it isn't working at all.

Her hope is that they will make the kids stay in the United States by the government saying that they can't be taken out of the country. Kelly has two children a son Hermés, 7, and daughter Helena, 5. As of right now, Kelly has the kids but has to give them back to their dad in France next week. He still has physical custody of the kids.

Kelly's ex-husband is a German citizen and was expelled from the United States. This means that she is required to travel to see them so that they can share custody. Things are not looking good for her right now though. Kelly has revealed that she is broke. She earned a lot of money while on the show "Gossip Girl" and has spent every single bit of it trying to get her kids back with her.

Radar Online has shared that if Kelly Rutherford isn't careful she could end up facing kidnapping charges. She is required to give her children back to her ex even if it is something she doesn't want to do. Their visitation ends on August 20 and at this time she will be required to give the kids back if she likes it or not.

If she doesn't give the kids back, Giersch could file charges for kidnapping. This could end up getting the FBI involved in the case. Of course that is not what Kelly Rutherford wants to happen at all.

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