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Kelly Rowland shows off baby bump in yoga pic on Instagram

Kelly Rowland shows off baby bump
Fair Internet Use/Instagram

It's true that sometimes the paparazzi go too far with the photos. But judging from the members of Destiny's Child (and a few other celebrities) when they want to keep a secret, they go above and beyond to do so. The only time fans can really get in their business is almost always in songs and that's if the songwriter didn't write about his/her own life. However, with so much attention paid to Kelly Rowland, it's still impressive that she managed to keep news of pregnancy out of the tabloids before she was good and ready to share her news.

But mid-afternoon, she gave her Instagram fans the news without saying a word. Sitting in a yoga pose with her arms clasped in front of her, there's no mistaking the baby bump poking under her purplish and gray workout outfit. Not even a photo caption was necessary. People were already congratulating her all over Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

That adds to the excitement of her 2014, and the year isn't even over yet. According to People magazine, the R&B crooner married her manager Tim Witherspoon in Costa Rica last month. Thirty guests, including Beyonce Knowles and Michelle Williams, were also in attendance.

No news yet on whether the baby is a boy or a girl.

But because she's a businesswoman, she didn't miss a beat on Twitter. Her follow-up tweet was to promote her hand-picked sunglasses. Now whether people paid attention to purchasing shades after seeing the news of a possible little Kelly or Kosmo is anybody's guess.

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