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Kelly Price says goodbye to R&B Divas and readies new R&B album for April

New Music from Kelly Price
New Music from Kelly Price

Singer/songwriter and reality tv diva is making her way back to the airwaves with new music scheduled to be released this Spring as reported by ThisIsRnB on Thursday February 6.

The Grammy nominated artist debuted her first album in 1998 with the release of 'Soul of a Woman.' It was then that R&B lovers fell in love with the very big and bodacious vocals of Kelly Price and continued to support and follow her career through the many albums that succeeded her debut like the 2000 release 'Mirror Mirror,' and her most recent project, the 2011 self-titled album 'Kelly.'

As of lately R&B listeners and lovers are more familiar with Price's over-the-top personality and ongoing drama seen on the TVOne reality show 'R&B Divas: L.A., where she is seen having heated disagreements with her cast mates, getting in the face of play director Fred Thomas, and showing up to rehearsal for a cast monologue production with vaseline, Timberland boots and a "straight edge" razor.

Kelly Price is definitely a multi-faceted talented woman who is able to switch it up and bring fans the drama on the small screen and still give great music. But, R&B Divas: L.A. cast mate Lil Mo believes that Price's several different faces is not a good thing and she's making no effort to befriend her in the next season of the show.

"As a friend, I just don’t like the different faces that she gives," Lil Mo explained to VibeVixen. "She has a representative. She has who she really is. She has who she wants to be. I’m not giving nobody 490 forgives. You got one time to shade me, and we’re through" reported Wet Paint.

And Price has not been shy about her portrayal as the villain on the show but she says that all of that mean and bully like behavior is attributed to the producers and the editing done for the show. She says it was the request of the producers which made her appear to be the bad guy.

"I personally am not interested in doing things where I set up ambush meetings with some of my fellow cast members with their ex spouses," she states during an interview with Christian Post. "I'm not interested in being asked to wear clothes that are too small for me so that they can make the fat girl the butt of the joke," Price told CP. "So take from that what you will without me officially saying whether or not I intend to return to the show. But with that I am not interested in doing things that I was asked to do."

But the decision was ultimately made for her to not return to reality but instead return to what we know and love her for - and that's the music. The new album titled, 'Sing Pray Love Vol. 1' will be released in April of this year. Lead by the single, “It’s My Time“, the new album will serve as the first that the artist has done on under her new deal.

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