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Kelly Osbourne zipper break: Star reveals wardrobe malfunction at Golden Globes

Kelly Osbourne
Photo by David Buchan/Getty Images

Kelly Osbourne had to deal with a big wardrobe malfunction tonight at the Golden Globes. On Jan. 12, Kelly went to her Twitter to share with her fans about her zipper break, but luckily things turned out okay for her.

Kelly went to Twitter saying, "Already having a drama! My zip broke getting sown in #goldenglobes #eredcarpet" This was her drama on the red carpet and it could have been worse for her. At least she was able to keep it all in and nobody got any embarrassing photos of her.

Her fans were responding to her about how amazing she looked. Kelly was able to look great and have a good time without worrying about her zipper break since they were able to get her fixed up.

The photo that she shared has people working on her dress to fix it. The dress she was wearing had a zipper all the way up the back and they are trying to get it fixed. She looked great so obviously they found a way to take care of Kelly Osbourne at the Golden Globe Awards tonight after her wardrobe malfunction.

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