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Kelly Osbourne sued over security deposit for condo due to damage from dog

Kelly Osbourne
Kelly Osbourne
Photo by Rich Polk

Kelly Osbourne is now dealing with a lawsuit because her ex-landlord has shared that she let her dog ruin the carpet in her condo. Now there is a lawsuit because they want to keep her security deposit and also want money for the damages. On Thursday, TMZ shared about exactly what happened in this case.

It was a very nice condo, but the landlord said that Kelly used to let the dog use the bathroom all over the floors. Arshia Refoua kept her security deposit of $18,700. She moved out back in April of 2013 and she wants the deposit back. The lawsuit started when Kelly filed against them hoping to get back her deposit.

The thing is now they are actually suing her right back because of what happened. He said that he should get to keep the deposit and should also get money for the damages that she caused to the really nice condo. He even went on to say that Kelly actually flooded the bathtub once and when this happened she messed up her condo and the ones below it. The landlord is hoping to get $50,000 out of Kelly Osbourne now.

It probably would have been best if Kelly would have just let them keep the security deposit. This could end up costing her a lot more money. Sometimes it is best to just move on, but if she really destroyed this condo she will be paying up for it.

Arizona Central shared that Kelly Osbourne said that the landlord never came by to check it out when she moved out. Most of the time you do a final walk through and make sure that everything is cleaned up before you move out. This didn't happen at all and if they would have done that maybe it would have never got to this point.