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Kelly Osbourne's zipper breaks: Wardrobe malfunction Golden Globes 2014

Kelly Osbourne’s zipper had a tough time with her zipper Sunday night. Was that why her red carpet stroll at the Golden Globe Awards 2014 turned into a gallop? Apparently Kelly was having trouble even before she hit the red carpet as part of E’s "Fashion Police." She shared this in a tweet that she posted while getting ready for the show on Sunday night Jan. 12.

Kelly Osbourne wardrobe malfunction with a zipper at Golden Globes 2014.

Her tweet said “Already having drama, my zip broke getting sown in.” This is before she sashayed down the red carpet making her way to the spot celebrities stop to have their pictures taken.

According to the Miami Herald on Sunday night, Kelly took off running just before she reached the spot where the photographers were waiting. This was right before the start of the show as the red carpet was filling up with celebrities making their way into the Golden Globes.

Kelly flew past them as fast as her stiletto housed feet could go. She looked down and watched her footing while running past screaming fans. “Kelly, Kelly, Kelly,” is what the group of people on the sidelines yelled as she zipped by.

While it wasn’t revealed what the malfunction was that put Kelly into that gallop to get away from the of the eyes of the public, one can only surmise it was a zipper problem again, since it malfunctioned earlier. What did you think of her hair color and style. Should E's "Fashion Police" target her?

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