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Kelly Osbourne tattoo: Bizarre head tattoo hints to secret 'stories'?

Kelly Osbourne apologizes to 'mum and dad,' but she loves her new head tattoo!
Kelly Osbourne apologizes to 'mum and dad,' but she loves her new head tattoo!
Instagram / Kelly Osbourne

Kelly Osbourne shows off her new tattoo, which she got on her head! The daughter of rocker Ozzie Osbourne has picked up many of dad’s traits when it comes to keeping fans guessing and many will be guessing when they see Kelly’s newest tattoo addition.

According to MSN Wonderwall on June 29, Kelly has a bunch of tattoos and she admits that at one time in her life she went out and was inked over and over again without much thought put into it. She recently had a keyboard removed from her arm, considering she admits that she has no idea how to play a piano, the keyboard tattoo had no meaning to her.

She also has an anchor on her arm, which she let stay in place. But what about this scalp tattoo she’s sporting today? It is done in a newsprint font and it just says “Stories…,” which is seen in a picture she posted on Instagram and above.

“Stories…” could mean many things including a dig at the media who follows the celebrity around, like the rest of her famous family. She is seen in the picture of her new tattoo with the guy who did the body art and he looks to have his fair share of tattoos, according to Au.

The tattoo artist has his arm around Kelly and she is making a snarl with her mouth while using two fingers to point to her new scalp ink job. Her head is shaved around the area of the new tat, with a buzz-cut around the rest of the area of half her head.

The other half of her head looks as if she is sporting a full head of hair. If anyone should know what the trends are today, that would be Kelly, who is one of the “Fashion Police” co-stars.

Kelly also tweeted another picture of her getting the tattoo and she captioned the picture, “Sorry mum and dad but I love it! She posted the pictures on Sunday.

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