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Kelly Hyland epic showdown in ‘Dance Moms’ return: Friend, foe or lawsuit?

Kelly Hyland and Abby Lee Miller don’t get along as well as they used to and the “Dance Moms” spoiler revealed on Twitter offers viewers a hint of an epic showdown. There was a big blow up only a few weeks ago after Hyland and Miller got into an alleged physical altercation. According to The Improper on Tuesday, the aggression between the two women got Hyland and her two kids kicked off the show. Apparently the incident is not over yet.

“Kelly's back. Abby doesn't like it. #DanceMoms is new tonight at 9/8c,” tweeted the Dance Moms official Twitter account on Tuesday morning. Sharing a picture of Kelly Hyland, the show was teasing what might be to come. “Maddie gets replaced tonight? Kelly's back? Tonight's episode is MAJOR.”

If Kelly is back for good there is a question every “Dance Moms” fans is asking. Is Hyland still suing Abby Lee Miller and the production company for issues surrounding the show? According to the Hollywood Reporter, Hyland and her daughter where involved in litigation over the incident. There were also rumors that Hyland was allegedly part of a criminal issue after the confrontation. With her return where does that leave the legal action?

Stepping back, the entire incident looks to be a way to gather a few more ratings, but this whole incident is obviously a giant black eye for the dancing community. So many young people pour their hearts into dancing as a hobby and most don’t even have an ounce of this type of drama. Let’s just hope it stays that way too, as physical altercations are never a good idea.

“Dance Moms” is on Tuesday. Check your local listings to see when it airs on Lifetime.

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